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WeGrow G301

The 301 grows perfect flowers, herbs and spices in your living room or kitchen. Simply pick and eat! ON SALE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY!

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WeGrow G601c

The 123WeGrow is the ultimate, fully automatic hydroponic gardening system on the market today! You can grow up to 3 ounces of cannabis every 11 weeks! red-grow-cannabis ON SALE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY!

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Hydroponic Power

The WeGrow G601C & G301 grows any plant hyper-efficiently. With direct-to-root nutrient delivery & full-spectrum LED lights, you will grow beautiful plants.

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Efficient Nutrient Delivery

The WeGrow sprays a constant stream of nutrient-rich water directly onto the roots. This provides the best results.

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Zero Fuss & Cleanup

With the WeGrow, we provide clay pellets and vermiculite to root your plants providing stability and a nutrient rich grow medium.

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The Ultimate, Automatic Hydroponic Garden

The 123WeGrow is built with full spectrum, high efficiency LED grow lights enabling you to grow any vegetation for just pennies a day.

Assemble, add food, water and push a button! Grow like the pro's! Just set it and forget it.

Safe & Fun For All Ages - Get The Whole Family Involved!

It is a good feeling watching your plants grow, a great educational opportunity as you learn how hydroponics work, as well as a functional and beautiful addition to your kitchen.

All products are CE, ROHS and FCC certified lead-free and patented in order to insure our products are of the highest quality.