Atkinson Environmental Products, LLC was founded by Tommie Baillargeon after 29 years with HP.

Taking inspiration from NASA studies on growing plants in space and taking in the current state-of-the-art, Atkinson Environmental Products set out to develop and manufacture a modern, efficient grow light.

But lighting technology is constantly updating and changing. Tommie and his team work with New England growers and UNH COLSA; bringing to bare both real world experience and scientific measurement for feedback, analysis, and iteration.

We recently introduced a new line of self contained hydroponic gardening systems called the "123WeGrow". The 123WeGrow is the ultimate, fully automatic, hydroponic gardening system on the market today.

It has full spectrum, high efficiency LED grow lights and it works to grow all kinds of flowers, vegetables, fruits and herbs (even cannabis). The whole planting process is automatic, clean, no mess, safe and eco friendly. It's a great feeling watching your plants grow, a good educational opportunity as well as a functional and beautiful addition to your kitchen.

Lastly, a personal note from Tommie for all you growers out there:

I am confident that you will find these lights and hydroponic gardens to be amazing. Please give them a try.  Email me at or call me at 508 494-5267 to chat about anything related to these products or any service issues Tommie Baillargeon