Premium High Yield Aeroponic Garden

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The WeGrow 601C


Grow the most amazing cannabis, vegetables, flowers and herbs with our self-contained, hydroponic garden system featuring new ultra-bright full-spectrum LED grow lights.

With the WeGrow 601C you can grow up to 3 ounces of cannabis every 11 weeks – all hydroponically. No soil, no mess, no fuss – set it and forget it.

Smart control panel settings allow for starting plants from either clones or seeds.

Only $199.99

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  • • Aeroponic, soil-free, indoor garden grows plants 5 times faster than soil.
  • • The high performance, full spectrum LED grow lights are adjustable to almost 2 feet in heigh
  • • Smart control panel allows user to manage settings for dual pumps and multiple LED light cycles
  • • Sprays water with nutrients 360 degrees directly into the root system,  its fully automatic. (Set it and forget it)
  • • Grow “herbs”, fruits, vegetables, flowers and more… let your imagination grow wild.
  • • Efficient indoor growing utilizing “Aeroponic” technology. Grows 6 large plants in reusable 3″ pods.
  • • Comes with clay pellets and vermiculite for starting seeds
  • • Also includes additional air pump and air stone for stimulation & airiation of large root base
  • • Simplifies organic growing (You decide what seeds and nutrients to use)
  • • No pesticides or insecticides needed
  • • Tested and guaranteed (CSA, ROHS and FCC) certified.
  • • Patents Pending


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