The WeGrow 601C

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  Grow the most amazing cannabis, vegetables, flowers and herbs with our self-contained, hydroponic garden system featuring new ultra-bright full-spectrum LED grow lights. With the WeGrow G601C you can grow up to 3 ounces of cannabis every 11 weeks - all hydroponically. That means for the price of an ounce you can now grow your own medicine and stop paying the dispensaries. The G601C Hydroponic Growing system is the only model that can be used for growing cannabis.  It is only available in the USA from, be careful not to purchase the A or B model. We have tested this product well and there are now hundreds of people growing the medicine they need in the privacy of their own homes. We will be posting pictures in the near future. They will blow you away! Smart control panel settings allow for staring plants from either clones or seeds. This product is awesome!!! Check out the videos.

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Additional Features & Specifications:

  • Aeroponic, soil-free, indoor garden grows plants 5 times faster than soil.
  • The high performance, full spectrum LED grow lights are adjustable to almost 2 feet in heigh
  • Smart control panel allows user to manage settings for dual pumps and multiple LED light cycles
  • Sprays water with nutrients 360 degrees directly into the root system,  its fully automatic. (Set it and forget it)
  • Grow herbs, fruits, vegetables, flowers and cannabis... let your imagination grow wild.
  • Efficient indoor growing utilizing Aeroponic technology. Grows 6 large plants in reusable 3" pods.
  • Comes with clay pellets and vermiculite for starting seeds
  • Also includes additional air pump and air stone for stimulation & aeration of large root base
  • Simplifies organic growing (You decide what seeds and nutrients to use)
  • No pesticides or insecticides needed
  • Tested and guaranteed (CSA, ROHS and FCC) certified.
  • Patents Pending

The Rainbow 601

Available Soon! A portion of the proceeds will benefit the local LGBT community. rainbow-601

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